Welcome to the National Paintless Dent Removal Association.

Raising The Bar In PDR.

Who Are the NPDRA?

The NPDRA is an organisation developed by a group of UK based, highly skilled PDR technicians who have concerns within the industry and the lack of information available to the consumer regarding the Paintless Dent Removal methods used.


The NPDRA want to educate and inform every one of the benefits and advantages PDR has over conventional body shop repairs. Attention also needs to be drawn to the numerous unscrupulous PDR companies that lower the standards of the PDR trade to an unacceptable level.


The NPDRA’s intention is to protect and inform the general public and help educate the differences between quality PDR repair and substandard PDR operatives.


This site has been developed to advise and protect you as a consumer and more importantly WHAT YOU CAN DO TO PROTECT YOURSELF.


Why Do You Need the NPDRA?


With a network of professional PDR technicians, we aim to offer confidence to larger establishments when considering contracting for repairs: i.e. Insurance companies, Import centres, Main manufacturers and large franchised dealership groups.


We can provide a list of NPDRA approved technicians in your area for retail Paintless Dent Removal should you need one.


Our main objective is to educate and bring awareness of the value our service Paintless Dent Removal can bring, and to make it easier to take advantage of the many benefits that Paintless Dent Removal has to offer.